A Country Practice.

Recently I was welcomed again by the Harden Murrumurrah Arts Council to teach a day workshop. There group meets in the old courthouse building with its official looking exterior and cedar doors and paneling throughout, I often wonder what stories of times past it could tell.

It is wonderful to find that small rural centres have active and thriving Arts councils.  They provide opportunities for people in their communities to learn wide ranging skills and brings them together to create Artistic practice and adds to the cultural history of rural areas.

Old court House, Murrumburrah N.S.W

Old court House, Murrumburrah N.S.W

It was lovely to be invited back for a second time by the Harden Murrumburra Arts council to share a day of watercolour painting and meet some very warm welcoming people.

We spent the morning learning some basic watercolour painting techniques and the afternoon applying and experimenting with what they had learned.