Back in the Saddle


It was lovely to have some time away at the end of 2015 and into the new year. We spent time on the Mid North Coast and also in rural Victoria. I was able to photograph some new and interesting things to paint and visit some spectacular scenery.

Vista from the Bago Bluff looking towards the Hastings river.

As they fell.

As they fell.

The 2016 Canberra show

I entered the Canberra Show again this year and won the Botanical section, I also sold two paintings!

It is sad to say but in my observation I think the days of the old style agricultural shows are numbered. It seems to be less about the display of the best quality produce, livestock, Art and crafts and more about the overpriced rides and show bags full of lollies and plastic. I do hope I'm wrong though!


Art in the Garden with Friends



The 9th annual exhibition of the Australian National Botanical Gardens, Friends of the ANBG Botanic Art Group opens this Friday 18th March at 6pm and runs until the 17th April.

There is a stunning diversity of work on display and is well worth a visit.

The creation of new work for the Friends of the Botanic gardens 9th annual exhibition.

Part time work

I have taken a part time job in an old friends Framing and Fine Art supplies store.  I am enjoying being part of the workforce again and the nature of the hands on work.

The work is another way to apply many of my skills. An eye for colour and design is useful in choosing matting, frames and getting the proportions just right to show work off to it's best advantage.

Testing samples of new papers for work.

Testing samples of new papers for work.

I get to do fun things like test new paints and papers to see if they are worth stocking.