I did my formal training at The Australian National University, Institute of the Arts, Canberra School of Art where I did my major in Textiles. I graduated in 1999 completing a Bachelor of Arts Visual with Honours.

I enjoy working in many mediums such as textiles, wood, and printmaking. Often combining them to create work. I consider myself an Artist and a crafts person, my practice spanning from writing Crochet patterns to Botanical Watercolours and much in between. 

I work almost exclusively with Australian imagery, although one or two exotics may creep in from time to time it is our native flora, fauna and landscapes that inform my work.

My current work is concerned with exploring the medium of watercolour and the traditions of Botanical Art.

I have been producing Botanical watercolours since about 2008. I love the process of collecting specimens and working up compositions. I find the medium of watercolour technically challenging but extremely enjoyable.

In the future I would like to explore a more scientific approach in keeping with the traditions of botanical art where all aspects of a specimen are described to form part of a scientific record.

I have only recently started to paint Australian native birds. We are fortunate to have such diverse bird life in this country, an appreciation for which has been instilled in me since I was a child.

I live currently in Canberra with my partner, our son, a Bloodhound and two chickens.