Hello 2015!

Well, so far what a wonderfully busy start to 2015, my only hope is to keep up the momentum and keep working!

I had a bit of a break over Christmas/ New year, including some travelling with my family, but now that school is back it's paint brushes up and work work work.

I have just finished a painting to show for the first time with The Friends of the ANBG (Australian National Boatnic Gardens) Botanic Art Group. I only joined the group at the end of 2014 so It is lovely to be able to join the exhibition.

The Exhibition is held from 21st March- 19th April 2015 at the visitors centre, Australian National Botanic Gardens.

Stypandra glauca 2015

Stypandra glauca 2015

I have also for the first time entered some work into the Canberra show. Never having entered Artwork into a competition stlye event before, I am not sure what to expect but again it should be fun to take part and see how it goes.

I am also working on two diverse commission pieces, an exotic and some illustrations for a childrens story.

Great to be busy!